This too shall pass…


Life is unpredictable… Living is routine..


You wake up, get ready for work, earn your living and go home to your family/spouse/animal . Everything else in between is a choice, whether it be positive and usual or unpredictable.


Sticking to a routine for many is a second nature, the glue to living. I know personally I have the same routine everyday. It is almost like my security blanket in some ways because I am able to control how the day will pan out. For example; I have multiple alarms on my phone for work to remind me I need to be out of the house at a certain time, or giving me a friendly “reminder” that I have 9 minutes to finish my morning ritual in order to not run late ( Z doesn’t like being awoken from my many alarms 😀 ). This is very indifferent to a lot of people as one alarm is sufficient. Me I need 10! haha, I take the same way to work every morning and do the same things I do once I get into the office. After my work day is over, I go home to my loving fiance, and watch my routine shows and go to sleep. I am really saying in honest language, I lead a VERY routine and  simple life. I have everything I want and need. Repetition is GOOD for me. One word that sums up living for me is “CONTROL”. I like control.

Than comes this thing called “Life” where you place yourself in a vulnerable state because you don’t know what “Life” will throw at you.


Lets just get to a bonafide reality check. I give my head a shake everyday, slap myself around because every now and again “Life” happens and throws you off balance. It can be from “missing one of my MANY alarms” to “being ill” or having anything  UNEXPECTED occur. Many individuals deal well with being vulnerable and “Life”. I am very aware I don’t deal with life well. There is no control, no stability, just waves of nonsense that pop up and it messes with my routine. Learning how to adapt to my new lifestyle and letting go of my old self has been difficult. Life lately has been as if I am pushing against a wave in the ocean. As soon as one passes, another one hits. This is extremely uncomfortable for me. I figure if I put it out there, it will be easier for me to embrace the nature of “Life”.

As you just read my dump of words, and the quote “This too Shall Pass” you will either feel one of two ways… This woman is a complete nut job ( LIKE HOW MANY ALARMS DOES ONE PERSON NEED COME ON!) , or you will read between my collection of emotions and relate in some small way ( so i don’t feel completely crazy haha ).

People as well as I confess that I used to be someone that could’t handle “Living” because “Life” was sooo difficult. Than I read some self-help books ( like i always do) and came to the cold hard truth that “Living” & “Life” are two totally separate aspects of being on this earth. They coincide so beautifully once you can accept that you can’t control what life throws at you however, if you enhance your quality of living, you can better manage those curve balls. It may take a long time to manage and process reality, but what you learn along the way will enrich you and help you grow as an individual.


I will still keep my 10 alarms, be an hour early for everything and keep my routine as functional yet normal. This will never change however, I will learn to take the challenges faced gracefully and know that it will pass & I will be a better individual at the end of the day.


On a happy note, I will be posting some of my favorite goodies soon because anyone that knows me knows I LOOOOOVVVEEEE stuff!

I wish you all nothing but happiness…

Have a beautiful day!




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