Apple Island Naturals- “Bee Balm”


Greetings fellow bloggers!

Apple naturals

While venturing in Invermere on the weekend at the market I came across this little gem company called Apple Island Naturals. As I was in need of a new natural lip balm ( when d I not HAHAH) , I decided to poke around and round up these 3 beauties.

They were inexpensive ( 3 for $12.00) and  contain only natural ingredients. The best part is they are toxin free and smell divine!

Apple Island Naturals is located in beautiful Golden, British Columbia. They produce a wide variety of natural products from handmade soaps, body and face products, natural perfumes and more!

After using these for a few days I decided to place another order with them as I loved the balms so much! Stay tuned for my review on my second haul soon!

Here is a low down on these lippies including scent and how they make my lips feel during this dry dryyyy summer heat!

Exotic Hippie- Patchouli & Ylang-Ylang: This is the all around hippy scent! The patchouli is very earthy and exotic, calming my senses and grounding me when I catch a whiff. The Ylang-Ylang adds a hint of floral and sweet giving it a very feminine vibe. I adore this scent and just purchased a few more items with this combo!

Retro- Spearmint: This takes my breath away… Literally! When I feel like I need to chill out and maybe try and mask the smell of coffee or tea ( hehe ) I reach for this! The spearmint cools your lips and just provides a clean natural feeling.

Purple Haze- Lavender : Oh boy! Do not get me started on how much I LOVE Lavender anything! Lavender is very calming, feminine and soothing while making you just feel… great! This is the perfect balm as it isn’t overpowering but you can still catch a whiff for quite a while!

I find that all natural balms are either a win or lose. Some are very drying, can flake the lips or have that sensation as it just isn’t doing its job. Especially when switching over to a natural lip regime your lips tend to go through this “shedding” where all of the dead skin cells and waxy layer on the lips start to peel off. This “Bee Balm” doesn’t give this impression. My lips remain smooth, nourished & hydrated with this pleasant find so I feel it would be a great addition to anyone’s makeup bag.


Go check them out at .

I hope you enjoy this company as much as I am!



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