Apple Island Naturals Haul



Hello Beauties!

In one of my previous posts I had raved about Apple Island’s “Bee Balm” and now I am here to  rave about my latest haul from them !

I love the quality that goes into these products and find that the smaller companies that do small batch orders have a greater appreciation for there craftsmanship . With that being said I will give you the low-down on my haul!


Purple Haze Hand & Body Lotion – This is the perfect lavender . Not too much punch but just the right amount of an earthy, relaxing feel . When I want to wind down from my day I slather this on and prepare for dreamland ! The consistency is amazing !

Purple Haze Mist- I spray this over my head, on my pillow or just on my face and chest when I want to wind down from a relaxing day. It’s amazing. I totally have a thing for Lavender 🙂

Exotic Hippie Mist,Perfume/Hair Shiner & diffuser oil- This is by far my favourite scent that Apple Island makes in my opinion! It is the perfect combo of hippy chic with the patchouli and the girly undertones of the ylang-ylang. That scent is in my house going all the time , and same with my hair and body 😀 . I would recommend all of them !

Smell No Evil “Pit Stop” natural deodorant – now let me start off my telling you all that finding that good “fit” for a natural deodorant is tricky. When switching over from an aluminum based product ( more chemically friendly) to one made with essential oils, you tend to go through that phase of ” OMG I THINK I SMELL BAD” . Have no fear this pit stick works! This bad boy contains lavender and tea tree to mute out those pesky odours ! I am going to be honest , I use natural pit on my “body detox days” ( I will explain in another post ) All in all this is a good transition stick .

Well now that I have said my peace on how amazing these products are go check them out at


Support your local vendors 🙂


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