Decluttering life…. Literally


On top of all of the physical, emotional and mental triggers of stress in life, one thing is for certain…. when you do a physical purge of everything which weighs you down… you feel a whole lot better.

Some people may say doing a purge of clothing, accessories, household items etc. can really lift some weight off of your shoulders. Others may say it has a “placebo” effect on your current state of well-being.

Usually a couple times a year I get this rush of adrenaline, a huge surge through my body, to try on every item of clothing, rip through my closets and just get rid of all of the “junk”. In saying that I had that surge late late Friday night. After 8 bags of clothes to go to the donation, and a full black garbage bin of just “stuff” I felt relieved, and slept like a baby.

Waking up the next morning and looking in my room, it felt empty…. in a good way! My closets and drawers are less than half full and there isn’t a whole heck of a lot that I do not “wear” or “use”. This does take a bit of a positive spin on anyone in a sense that you are weeding out the options and replacing it with the necessities.

So when life throws you lemons and curve balls, pick away at your closet drawers or cabinets, you will feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER !

Stay tuned for some more beauty reviews as there are some good ones 😉



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