Clariol Natural Instincts Hair Color- Midnight Black

Hello Again!

It is that time of month again. Refreshing you hair color. Most people lean towards going a couple shades lighter in the summer months however, I like to cool it down a couple notches.

In walks this beauty hair color. I received this as a sample from BzzAgent for my sole honest review on this product. All opinions are mine unless otherwise stated.

Now onto the good stuff. I personally usually use a permanent hair color so I don’t have to redo it ALL THE TIME. However, Permanent hair color is usually ALWAYS ammonia based, which in turn, makes me lose hair in clumps. When BzzAgent gave me the opportunity to try out a semi-permanent formula, I was all over that.


Please note I have naturally dark hair but there is a ton of red undertones. I like to try and cool those down as much as possible when I color my hair.

The steps inside of this are like a typical box dye, along with a heavenly conditioner! It smells like a tropical dream!

Before I post my before and after pictures, I want to list off some Pro’s and Con’s of the product, consistency and application.


It doesn’t smell as bad or harsh as a permanent dye ( GOODBYE AMMONIA) 😀

The Color develops quickly which can be great!

It only takes 10 Minutes to develop, so it is quick and effective 

My hair didn’t fall out in any steps of application, setting and rinse!

Usually after a good dye job, my hair doesn’t feel too bad, but this made it feel as if I had just used a hydrating mask!

The color was vibrant, yet natural looking. 


The smell still isn’t too pleasant, bearable, but kind of smells like sticks.

 Color does not come off of skin well. I am assuming because it is a semi-permanent, that this is the reason why.

Consistency of the product and application was too watery. I almost used up more product than I should at the beginning because it was like water. Also, be careful if you have hands that fly around- this is not spill proof.

Would I repurchase? Yes…. If I needed a quick pick me up on my tresses and had to squeeze it in a short amount of time. Would I recommend? Yes, for that same reason.

I think this product is great for people that want to accentuate their current color or obtain a subtle change without making a “permanent” statement.

Let me know what your thoughts are! Have a great day everyone!






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