Suds Up! Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Haul



When you think of protecting your body and becoming healthier on the inside and out, you can eat as healthy as possible. We often forget about our largest organ on our body, OUR SKIN! When you suds up in a harsh chemical soap bar or wash, we don’t really think about the chemicals being absorbed into your body!

Skin is very porous, and like a sponge, sucks up everything from daily irritants and pollution, to the ingredients in your soap.

This is not to say that I do not enjoy my scented body wash or my Dove, because I totally do, however, it feels so great to do a “chemical” detox every once in a while. I have found, it makes my skin softer, cleaner and clears up the oily patches and acne.

I think that every shower experience should be like a spa. Nice essential oil aroma, just the right temp of water, pure relaxation. This is why I decided to pick these beauties up when I stopped by Rocky Mountain Soap Co. the other day!  I was drawn to the Vanilla Mint because it smells delicious and mint soothes a nice body and headache after a long day. Seaweed soap has great detoxifying properties and will aid in clarifying you skin.

Than there is the Minty Tea Tree. First, I was drawn to this not only because of the scent but because Tea Tree Oil is a natural astringent and clears up blemishes, acne and imperfections with long term use. This soap is a bit of an exfoliator as it has tiny blue beads. I will be honest, the first time I used It , I felt like I was using sandpaper on my skin. NOT COOL haha. However, after the 2nd scrub, my skin felt great, and the sandpaper feeling went away. It is almost relaxing as it stimulates your skin and scoffs off those dead cells. I am excited to purchase another once I run out, and just as excited to try my other soaps!

Does anyone have a favorite soap? If so let me know in the comments below I lvoe to hear from you!



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