Moving Forward.



Sometimes we don’t realize the powerful force the universe has on us. At times it has us in restraints, frustrating not knowing whether you are coming or going.

I have slowly realized that through many conversations with great friends and even myself internally, that everyone has a different story. They all walk down different paths that I do and can handle situations unlike I. This was enlightening to me in the best way. Listening to all of these life experiences has really help set me up for the future.

I have done another purge with materials. At the end of the day when we die we can’t them with us. We leave our souls and memories with others. As I have mentioned in a previous post purging is like a detox and cleanse. It makes me feel better. Than I thought it would be a great idea to slowly turn my room ( that usually looks like a natural disaster) into a retreat, a place to go to practice ZEN. I am getting antsy to get back into Yoga and i figured, why not practice in my own quiet space. Creating a new routine to hopefully feed my mind, body & soul … and to help me sleep better.

As the quote above states, you can ALWAYS build again. No matter how challenging the past was, you must try to move forward … to the best of your ability. Remember that everyday you awaken is a new day to build your future. Sure you may have bad days and feel like life has let you down ( it happens ALL THE TIME) , but something always gets me through even when I don’t quite realize it.

Anyways I am taking life one day at a time.. and for now I should probably get back to my job and the usual Monday stuff. 🙂


Will post my room once it has come together.


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